Your Coffee’s taste? It depends on the tone!

Yes – you read correctly: Your taste is being sound-influenced.

Have you ever experienced that very moment, where your coffee suddenly seems to taste differently? How comes? Milk? Sugar? Type of Coffee?

The answer might be: it comes from music!

Musikgeschmack, Ton, Tonerlebnis, Geschmacksinn, Wahrnehmungspsychologie

Sweet Sound

Research (Department of Experimental Psychology – University of Oxford) revealed that changing the pitch of a sound can influence human’s perceived taste: Higher tone pitch sweetens the perceived taste, lower tone pitch makes it appear more bitter.

Give it a try: drink coffee and hear different kind of music!

Further experiments indicate that tone pitch not only can influence our perception of taste, it even impacts our visual perceiving. People tend to match low pitches with darker objects and higher pitches with lighter objects.

Whilst scientific explanations for so called crossmodal effects are still uncertain – it is considered proven that everything that is heard is influencing our senses. That’s why music changes what we taste and even what we think. 

What’s in for us on that?

Take care on your Business-Customer-Music-Fit:
Whether you are a business owner or a shop operator (not only coffee shops ;)) ⇒ select the right music for your customers!

It certainly makes a difference whether you get your customers in the mood for your business with Carmina Burana, with some rock rhythm or with smooth chill out music 😉

Portrait Sefan Kohlweg

About the author:
The idea for this article comes from Stefan Kohlweg.
As audio architect he develops tailor-made sound concepts –
ready to trigger specific effects.

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